The Origin

Santa Cruz, the capital of Laguna and considered the business and commercial center of this part of province, was once upon a time a popular barrio of Lumban. Barrio there were once lived three sisters who were well known for wealth, beauty and good character. Besides being industrious, they were very religious. Due to the distance of the town church from sail barrio, there were times when they were late for mass on Saturdays and on days of obligation which disturbed them before celebrating each mass. The three sisters had done so much for the church and the town people so their request was granted. It became the practice then that the arrival of the three sisters was the time for the mass to start.

One Sunday, the three sisters due to some causes failed to show up in the customary time. The priest decided to wait and town people in the church noticed that the sisters have not yet arrive. After waiting for quite sometimes, the people became restless. They insisted on beginning the mass without the sisters arrived they suspected that maybe the parish priest and the town people did not consider the anymore as important members of the parish. So they decided to build a chapel in their barrio. The inhabitants of the barrio were very thankful and supported this decision of the three sisters. Having succeeded in building the chapel, there repeated request for a priest was finally granted by the bishop and this barrio became an independent parish. The barrio folks rejoiced and immediately place a big wooden cross to mark the boundary between Lumban in their barrio.

The barrio progressed rapidly and grew to be the prosperous town of Santa Cruz meaning Holy Cross, named after the big wooden cross which was once upon a time an important landmark.