The Official Seal

Seal of Santa Cruz, Laguna

The shield was taken from the provincial seal of Laguna where the town is located. The unity and cooperation of people is symbolized by the circular lines. The cross represents the strong faith and belief of the people in God and also the name of the town was taken from the Holy Cross. The town was established in 1602.

The sun on top of the seal is a copy of the sun in the Philippine flag which represents the first eight provinces that revolted against Spain. Laguna was among these provinces. The red color signifies bravery and the readiness of the people to defend the country.

The figure in the seal represents the chief occupations of the people of the town. The farmer, carabao and rice field depict the farming industry. Coconut is one of the chief crops grown in the town. The fishing industry is represented by the fisherman and fishes. The seal also shows white cheese, which is the most famous product of the municipality.