Recognized Citizens in Politics and Public Administration

1. Pedro Guevara

The list of political personalities who made their name not only provincial but also in national affairs is headed by Pedro Guevara, served the country as a revolutionary fighting in the bloody battle for Freedom against the United States, as an assemblyman championing the rise of the poor and the landless through the social justice program, as diplomat ably representing our country in the United States and as a constitutionalist, serving as a delegate to the 1934 Constitutional Invention.

2. Arsenio Bonifacio

Arsenio Bonifacio entered the political field as the representative the second congressional district of Laguna. He was elected governor of Laguna in 1937. During this time, jueteng operation was rampant in the province. He was able to stop the jueteng operation in the whole province. In 1939, President Quezon appointed him undersecretary of Interior.

3. Jesus Bautista

Jesus Bautista’s career began in 1922, when he was appointed as a Municipal Judge. Later on, he became a Provincial Fiscal. In the 1940 local elections, he was elected governor defeating Gen. Juan Cailles. He saved lives of the people who had incurred the ire of the Japanese Kempeitai during the Japanese occupation.